ProcMan – The DevOps-Tool for Control-M, IWSz and JCL

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What is ProcMan?

Stay on top of your mainframe IT operations

ProcMan is a DevOps tool that allows users to create, edit or delete workload objects for IT operations (e.g. JCL, procedures, scheduler definition for IWSz/ds, Control-M etc.). ProcMan is a modern change request system where customer-specific transfer processes are implemented for each object type. The process activities are run through one after the other, based on a role concept. The decisive factor here is that users do not have to adapt to the tool – ProcMan is adapted to their tasks and requirements. Customized web dialogs are provided to the users according to their knowledge.

Including customer-specific checks and rules, the objects are then automatically generated step by step and copied into the target environments by ProcMan. ProcMan supports any staging concept on the way from development to production, including “4-eyes” checks. The functionality is complemented by a universal module which can be used to map any change requests for IT operations. Interfaces to z/OS, Windows and UNIX systems also enable cross-platform use.

What are the features of ProcMan?

Who uses ProcMan?

With it’s web GUI ProcMan can be used by all groups of people related to IT operations: Programmers, testers, production planners, operating staff, administrators and any department.

ProcMan DevOps Tool

What are the benefits of ProcMan?

  • Significantly reduced manual effort for Dev and Ops
  • Object changes are automatically checked and executed
  • JCL, IWS job nets and Control-M applications are generated for any number of environments
  • Automatic and time-controlled updates in the target environments through integrated scheduler
  • Versioning of all changes and proof of revision


Click here to get to the ProcMan download page.

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